A complaint about corrupt conduct may be made to the Commission:

  1. In writing by email sent to complaints@icac.gov.pg
  2. By telephone number: 325 3737 and asking to speak with an assessment officer
  3. In writing address the letter to the Commission, Post Office Box 353, Vision City, Waigani, NCD, PNG
  4. In Person by attending the ICAC office at Level 4, Tower B, Central Government Office

You may visit the Commission at ICAC without an appointment, or you may wish to arrange an appointment in advance by contacting phone 3253737 or email: info@icac.gov.pg

What Information to Report

ICAC encourages people to provide the following information when making a complaint:

  • Your name. However, you can make an anonymous complaint if you wish.
  • Your contact details to enable the Commission to contact you for more information. However, you can withhold this information if you wish.
  • Please indicate if you request the Commission not to disclose your name and contact details.
  • Information about the complaint:
  • Describe the complaint. Remember the Commission is responsible for complaints about corrupt conduct [hyperlink to what is corrupt conduct]
  • Provide the names of the individuals who are suspected of involvement in corrupt conduct
  • Provide the names of any government agencies, private sector organizations or other entities who are suspected of involvement in corrupt conduct
  • Provide the names any other individuals, agencies, organizations or entities who may be aware of the corrupt conduct or are otherwise connected to it, and
  • Provide any relevant documentation you have.
Anonymous Complaints

A complaint about corrupt conduct can be made anonymously and without contact details.

However, it is usually more helpful for the Commission to know the identity of the complainant and to be able to contact them for more information. 

A complainant may wish to use an email address that cannot be connected or traced to them. A complaint can also be made by one person on behalf of another person. 

What is Corrupt Conduct?

The Commission has jurisdiction in respect of “corrupt conduct” as defined under sections 5, 6, and 7 of the OLICAC [cross reference to the OLICAC].