Prevention Function

Prevention is about building resistance to corruption through changing an organization’s systems and processes that allow corruption to occur, or in many instances go unnoticed or unreported.

The ICAC will be working with public and private sectors to identify corruption risk areas and implement processes that will reduce the likelihood of

A good understanding of the cause and effect of corruption is important for planning prevention initiatives and interventions. Corruption at the outset is a behavioural and cultural phenomenon that impacts on an individual’s or organisation’s moral or ethical values

The ICAC recognizes that the key to preventing and combating corruption is to address it from two perspectives – an individual’s behaviour or an institutional operating system.

Therefore, The ICAC’s prevention work is aimed at:

  • Promoting and practicing transparent ethical leadership and practices
  • Ensuring a culture of high-performance standards to foster an anti-
    corruption culture and
  • Establishing comprehensive and workable anti-corruption systems
    and processes.

The ICAC’s Prevention programme will roll out in 2024. We will be using the support, resources and methodologies from international partners to aid our prevention activities.