Internal Reporting Systems

Duty to Report Corrupt Conduct

  • Members of the Commission must immediately report any suspected corrupt conduct of a Commission Officer to the Commissioner in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
  • A Commission Officer other than a member of the Commission must, as soon as practical, report any suspected corrupt conduct by;                                                         

a) The Commissioner to the Appointments Committee and

b) A Deputy Commissioner to the Commissioner; and

c) Any other Commission officer to the Commission


Systems for Handling External Complaints
  • We handle any complaint we receive about corrupt conduct professionally, lawfully and consistent with our functions, Code of Conduct and Intake and Assessment Policy Procedure. We handle each complaint on merits only.
  • We follow up with the complainant to seek additional information and build rapport in a timely manner.
  • We accept anonymous complaints and protect confidential information from disclosure to the extent of the law.
  • We prefer complainants identify themselves or provide contact information to contact complainant for more information We are accountable for how we handle complaints.