“Gutpela dei long yupela olgeta” (Good day to you all)

We are truly honored to be appointed the inaugural Commissioners of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. The significance of today is certainly not lost on us.
The preamble to the Constitution provides a very poignant reminder:

  •  we must be “united”,
  •  we must pay homage to those who have gone before us, and
  •  “acknowledge the worthy customs and traditional wisdoms” of
    prior generations of this wonderful country.

On behalf of the Deputy Commissioners, Graham Gill and Daniel Baulch, I would like to firstly thank the Government and the people of Papua New Guinea. We wish to thank all those who played their part over the years in drafting and introducing the ICAC legislation. We congratulate both sides of government on their unanimous vote to pass the Act. We must also acknowledge and commend those who have been brave in standing against corruption.

I would also like to thank the outgoing Chairman Mr. Thomas Eluh for his leadership in bringing the interim ICAC office to where it is today. He has set the foundation. No one could have done it better than him and we highly commend him for that.

Our immediate priority is to progress the work of the interim office so that we may be fully operational as soon as possible. We will strive to be fair, independent and impartial. We will be inspired by actions our predecessors have taken and be brave in the actions we take.

We acknowledge that fighting corruption in PNG will be complex due to contextual factors such as cultural diversity, geography, history, socio economics and politics. However, we are committed to
addressing corruption for the betterment of Papua New Guinea.

The Commission cannot combat corruption alone. We will encourage and prioritize fostering cooperation across government departments, anti-corruption agencies, and the private sector. We also welcome the support of the people of Papua New Guinea.
We are new to this wonderful country. Even though we bring with us the benefit of a wealth of experience in our respective fields, we will be mindful of the cultural differences in different parts of the country.

The Deputy Commissioners and I are committed to serving the people to the very best of our abilities. We very much look forward to serving as Commissioners, and at the end of our tenure being able to look
back proudly on our contribution to the betterment of this country.

God Bless Papua New Guinea!

Andrew Forbes

Commissioner, PNG ICAC

About the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners