How the Commission Investigates Corrupt Conduct

The Commission is independent and has discretion to determine the cases of alleged corrupt
conduct it investigates and the way in which investigations are conducted, in accordance with the
The Commission may take multiple actions in relation to a complaint, including investigating all or
part of the complaint, deciding to take no further action in relation to all or part of the complaint, or
referring all or part of the matter to another agency or body. The Commission may also exchange
information regarding alleged corrupt conduct with other law enforcement, integrity and regulatory
The steps taken by the Commission to investigate a matter depend on a range of factors, such as the
nature and circumstances of the alleged conduct and the available resources of the Commission and
its partners.
Investigative measures can include conducting interviews, tracing assets, issuing public statements,
using search warrants, using interception warrants, using other statutory investigation powers
[hyperlink to statutory investigation powers] and conducting public or private hearings.