Can ICAC investigate crime committed before the passing of ICAC Law?

No. ICAC will only investigate any crime after the passing of ICAC law from 20th November 2020 onwards.

Is the witness protected by ICAC law?

Yes. ICAC will keep the identity of the complainant confidential.

Who can make complaints about possible corrupt conduct?

In accordance with Section 46 of OLICAC;

a) Any person may make a complaint to the Commission about alleged or suspected corrupt conduct

b) The person may make the complaint orally or in writing

What happens if a person fails to provide a statement of information? Section 56 of OLICAC

A person commits an offence if he or she refuses or fails to provide a statement of information as required by a notice under Section 54 of OLICAC Penalty: A fine not exceeding K10,000.00 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both.

Does the Commission have power to enter public premises? Section 57 of OLICAC

Yes. For the purpose of an investigation, the Commission may, at any time:

a) Enter and inspect any premises (other than residential premises) occupied of used by a public body or public official in that capacity; and

b) Inspect any document or other things in or on the premises; and c) Take copies of any document in or on the premises

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