What is ICAC?

The Independent Commission Against Corruption is an Anti – corruption agency established by the
Constitution under Section 220B and is regulated by the Organic Law on Independent Commission
Against Corruption (OLICAC)

Who makes the appointment for the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner?

The Head of State, acting on advice by the ICAC Appointments Committee appoints the members of
the Commission.

What is the purpose of ICAC?

ICAC was established to contribute in cooperation, with other agencies to prevent, reduce and
combat corrupt conduct in Papua New Guinea.

Who is ICAC accountable to?

ICAC is accountable to the people of Papua New Guinea and the Government through:

– Annual Reports-
It is a requirement under the Constitution (Section 220H) for ICAC to provide its Annual
Report to be tabled in Parliament.

– Oversight Committee-
The Constitution provides for Committee to monitor, review and report on ICAC functions,
operations and exercise of powers but cannot interfere with decision-making or how ICAC
has dealt with individual complains.

Who forms ICAC?

The ICAC consists of a Commissioner and two (2) Deputy Commissioners.

Who can be appointed as the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner?

A person is qualified for appointment as the Commissioner. If the person has high integrity, an
independent mind, good reputation and is qualified for appointment as a Judge of National Court.