Combating Corruption through Education

The PNG ICAC embarks on combating corruption in many ways thru its education function. The most notable ways to combat corruption are not limited to the

  • Introducing moral and ethical values and anti-corruption principles in primary and high school curriculums to ensure that in the long run young minds are shaped to better understand what corruption is, and its effects on the country, community, and people’s personal lives thereby encouraging anti-corruption efforts against corrupt conduct in all its forms.


  • Conducting Anti-Corruption sessions in tertiary institutions on the Powers and Functions of the OLICAC. This is to train tertiary students to know what corruption is, identify its elements, and how to combat it.


  • Conducting general public education programs to different segments of the public including public servants and private sector agencies, Civil Society Organizations, and the General public at large. This is to ensure a wide
    coverage of people are made aware of the roles and functions of ICAC, its powers, and what they can do to support ICAC.

FAQs about Education