How to Report Corruption

Anyone can lodge a complaint on corrupt conduct to ICAC thru these channels;

In Person to ICAC Office at the Central Government Office (CGO), Level 4, Tower B.

Mail: PO Box 353, Vision City, NCD 131, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Phone number: 325 3737


Assessment of Complaint(s)

ICAC assess complaints in accordance with Section 50 of the OLICAC to determine whether the complaint:

a) Raises a potential matter of corrupt conduct; or

b) Raises a matter of serious corrupt conduct or systemic corrupt conduct; or

c) Raises any matter of public interest; or

d) Appears to lack credibility or substance; or

e) Is trivial, vexatious or frivolous; or f) Raises a matter that occurred too long ago to justify an investigation; or

g) Raises a matter that is more appropriately dealt with by another agency or body; or

h) Raises a matter that has previously been dealt with by another agency or body and there is no reason to re-examine it, or there is other good reason why no action should be taken in respect of the matter.

The Commission must assess a matter involving alleged or suspected corrupt conduct if;

a) The matter is reported or referred to the Commission by another agency or body

b) The Commission is aware of the matter acting on its own initiative.

Action that the Commission may take after Assessment of Complaint(s)

After making assessment of a matter, the Commission may;

a) Investigate all or part of the matter; or

b) Decide to take no further action in relation to all or part of the matter; or

c) Refer all or part of the matter to another agency or body

The Commission may inform a complainant or an agency or body that has reported or referred a matter to the Commission, as to the action taken under this section in respect of the matter.

Investigations into corrupt conduct

Generally, the Commission may conduct an investigation into alleged or suspected corrupt conduct;

a) On its own initiative;

b) In response to a complaint made;

c) In response to a report or reference made to it by another agency or body.

The Commission may conduct an investigation even if no public official or public body is implicated.

1st Floor, Muruk Haus, Kumul Avenue, Waigani, National Capital District, PNG

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