Confidentiality of the Information Provided to the Commission

The Commission has adopted robust internal policies and procedures to ensure Commission
information is handled carefully, confidentiality and in accordance with the law. Commission Officers
are required to uphold and maintain their secrecy obligations in accordance with the law and the
Commission Code of Conduct.
A Commission Officer may only record or disclose Commission information in the performance of
the officer’s functions or the exercise of the officer’s powers under the OLICAC.
If a complainant requests that their identity or contact details, or both, are not to be disclosed, a
Commission Officer must not disclose the information:
 To any other Commission Officer, unless the disclosure is made while performing functions
or exercising powers under the OLICAC, or
 To any other person, unless the complainant has consented in writing to the disclosure.
A Commission Officer must not alter, destroy, conceal or fabricate a document or thing knowing that
it is or is likely to be required by the Commission or another Commission Officer.
There are serious criminal offences in the OLICAC that apply to a Commission Officer who fails to
handle Commission information properly.